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Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Why Vegan?

Did you know that most wines on the market are made using animal products such as egg, milk and fish derivatives?


Organic viticulture and winemaking avoid agrochemical residues in wine by using natural biodegradable inputs, meaning we don’t consume them. Organic certification on labels is your only guarantee for the consumer. Plant-based fining agents are used to remove the unwanted and harsh or bitter-tasting compounds in wine-producing even better results than traditional animal-based agents. A real progress for conscious wine consumers with dairy or egg sensitivity.

Vegan Cheese and Wine taste

Whether you are looking for something different or choose a vegan lifestyle, we strive to provide you with the best experience at our cellar door. Try our selection of vegan friendly wines served with quality vegan cheeses and hosted by one of the team – by appointment. 

Generally, allow about 60 minutes for a vegan group taste.
$15 per person.

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